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Help manage your lupus or lupus nephritis by learning more about your condition and taking a more active role in your treatment.

Whether you have lupus or lupus nephritis, we've created some tools to help you on your treatment journey with BENLYSTA


Understanding BENLYSTA

See how BENLYSTA can help in treating active systemic lupus erythematosus and active lupus nephritis. Plus, find information about ways to take BENLYSTA and options for support.




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  • Talking to your doctor


    Improve your discussions with your doctor with these resources


    15 Minutes With Your Rheumatologist

    A conversation guide to help you focus your time with your rheumatologist, collect your questions, and recall details that could be important.


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    15 Minutes With Your Nephrologist

    Use these conversation starters to help make the most of the time with your nephrologist, whether it’s 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or more.


    Resources Coming Soon

    Let's Talk Guide

    Your extended guide to being proactive before, during, and after appointments. Find preparation ideas and checklists to consider as you talk with your doctor.


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  • Getting started with BENLYSTA


    The following downloads can be helpful as you or a loved one gets started with BENLYSTA.


    BENLYSTA Injection Basics Brochure

    Everything you need to know as you get started with BENLYSTA for subcutaneous use with tips, instructions for use, and more.


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    Getting Started with BENLYSTA SC

    Learn the basics of working with your specialty pharmacy and paying for BENLYSTA subcutanous (SC).


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    First Infusion Guidebook

    Find more information about the infusion process, ways to spend your time, and things to keep in mind after your infusion is complete.


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    Pediatrics & Caregivers Brochure

    A caregiver’s resource for understanding the infusion process, with ways to support your child or teen. Includes activities to pass the time during the infusion.


    Pediatrics & Caregivers Brochure
  • Savings and Support Resources


    These downloads will help you enroll in the BENLYSTA Gateway program


    Co-Pay Program Brochure

    Refer to these steps to check your eligibility and understand how to start saving at your specialty pharmacy or doctor’s office.


    Resources Coming Soon

    BENLYSTA Gateway Enrollment Form

    Use this form to request services provided by BENLYSTA Gateway, including insurance navigation support, co-pay program eligibility, specialty pharmacy information, and more.


    BENLYSTA Gateway Enrollment Form

    BENLYSTA Cares Brochure

    See the many ways in which BENLYSTA Cares can support you.  


    Resources Cares Brochure

Other Lupus Resources

Knowledge is power. There are resources that can help you understand lupus or lupus nephritis so you can become more involved in your treatment.


For additional information, please visit these sites or contact these organizations. These resources are independent from GSK; they are not controlled or endorsed by GSK, and GSK is not responsible for their content.



The websites listed are external to GSK. GSK does not have control over the content or the information provided on these websites and therefore does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any content or information on these sites.

Use our Physician Finder Tool


The treatment of lupus and lupus nephritis requires a specialist. Find a physician located near you with our Physician Finder Tool.



Working With Your Doctor


It’s important to find a doctor who specializes in your condition, such as a rheumatologist or nephrologist. They must also be able to fully listen to and work with you so you receive the treatment that's right for you.


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Learn about treatment from BENLYSTA patients

Real BENLYSTA patients will share their experiences living with lupus and tips for starting BENLYSTA treatment. 

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What kind of treatment is BENLYSTA?

Find out what makes BENLYSTA a different type of treatment for lupus and lupus nephritis. Understand how BENLYSTA works and how it can be administered.

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