Lupus Flares Can Make Little Things Feel Like a Big Deal.

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BENLYSTA reduces disease activity* and prevents flares.†

*In clinical studies, when added to common lupus medications, BENLYSTA reduced disease activity when compared to those medications alone. †BENLYSTA reduced severe lupus flares.

Results may vary.

Adding BENLYSTA can mean: 

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Symptom improvements were mainly seen in the muscles, joints, skin, mouth, kidneys, and the immune system.

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BENLYSTA reduced steroid dose by 25% or more (to a daily dose of 7.5 mg or less) during Weeks 40-52, in patients receiving 7.5 mg or higher daily doses of steroid at the start of the studies.§

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In clinical trials, people adding BENLYSTA to their treatment plan decreased their risk of severe flares in the first year of use.

Results may vary.
Compared to other lupus medications alone. §A reduction of steroid dose was seen but was not statistically significant.

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You could pay as little as $0 for BENLYSTA.

The maximum amount available from the copay program for most patients is $9,450. Patients in plans that do not allow the amounts available from the copay program to count towards their copay, coinsurance, deductible or other out-of-pocket cost-sharing obligations, sometimes referred to as “maximizer plans,” are subject to a program maximum of $5,000.

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Benefits and Savings

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BENLYSTA targets an underlying cause of lupus.

BENLYSTA is a biologic therapy, not a steroid. It doesn’t suppress your entire immune system. BENLYSTA affects an immune process that can lead to inflammation in people with lupus and lupus nephritis.


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Lupus flares can lead to inflammation and organ damage.

In people with lupus, the immune system attacks the body. Inflammation from a single lupus flare could cause permanent damage to a vital organ.

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