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BENLYSTA is a prescription medicine used to treat people with active systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE or lupus) or active lupus nephritis (lupus-related kidney inflammation) who are receiving other lupus medicines.

It’s unknown if BENLYSTA is safe/effective in children under 5 years when given in a vein or under 18 years when given under the skin. BENLYSTA is not for people with severe active central nervous system lupus.

The BENLYSTA difference

Reduced lupus disease activity icon

Significantly reduced lupus disease activity

In adult patients with active lupus, adding BENLYSTA significantly reduced lupus disease activity, with improvements mainly in the immune system, muscles, joints, mouth, and skin.*

BENLYSTA biologic therapy icon

Works with other lupus treatment(s)

BENLYSTA is a biologic therapy, not a steroid, and works by targeting an underlying cause of lupus. It’s taken in addition to your other lupus medications.

Diverse BENLYSTA patient population

Studied in diverse patient populations

BENLYSTA has been studied in more clinical trials than any other lupus medicine, including the largest clinical trial in patients with lupus nephritis, and demonstrated a consistent safety profile.

Results may vary. 
*In studies used in the approval of BENLYSTA, when added to other common lupus medications, compared to those medications alone.

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Understanding lupus

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that involves your immune system. Learn more about how lupus may affect the body and the symptoms you may notice.

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Image: BENLYSTA Patient Morgan

Morgan (left), real BENLYSTA patient compensated by GSK

Real BENLYSTA patient experiences

If you and your doctor are considering adding BENLYSTA for lupus or lupus nephritis, hear other people talk about their own experiences.

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