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BENLYSTA Gateway & Co-pay Program 

Has your doctor prescribed BENLYSTA for you? BENLYSTA Gateway provides help in understanding your health insurance coverage for BENLYSTA and investigating if you qualify for the BENLYSTA Co-pay Program or the GSK Patient Assistance Program.


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We understand that learning about treatment costs and available support can be challenging and stressful.

Hear from Nicole, a real patient with lupus receiving BENLYSTA, and discover the resources this website has to offer!

Hey there, welcome. You’ve just landed on the Savings and Support page.

I’m Nicole and I’m an actual lupus patient receiving BENLYSTA.

I was diagnosed with lupus in 2011. Navigating treatment costs and available support can be overwhelming and stressful. I’ve been there. But I’m here to help walk you through some great resources provided by BENLYSTA that may help lighten the load.

Living with lupus is challenging. And when you add in figuring out treatment options and how to pay for it all… well, it can be stressful, and for me, stress can lead to a flare. So I try to educate myself as much as possible to help myself stay calm.

Although, feeling stressed during this process is completely normal. The good news is, there are people and resources available to help you navigate the waters and may help you feel a little bit better. One of those is the BENLYSTA Savings and Support page. I’m here to help break things down for you a bit and let you know exactly what information you can find on this page.

On the BENLYSTA Savings and Support page you will find BENLYSTA Cares. BENLYSTA Cares was created just for lupus patients like us. It’s here to help you figure out your co-pay options, discover how much insurance coverage you may have, access co-pay resources, connect with trained nurses, and so much more.

The “Injection Support” resource. You can get direct access to an injection training video to help you feel more confident and informed about the process.

There is even a list of frequently asked questions with questions like, “Which specialty pharmacy can I expect a phone call from? How can I get some more information about BENLYSTA?”

The more educated you are before beginning a medication, the better. And not just by searching online, because that’s a very easy way to scare yourself. Explore the brand site and take notes. There is so much information available and they’re more than willing to help you become as educated as possible. You can even talk to someone on the phone if you’d prefer that over being online. One piece of advice: Don’t be afraid to reach out. Educating yourself make you feel empowered and really help put your mind at ease.

So if you’re interested in learning more and being a part of BENLYSTA Cares, a program that helps find and navigate various financial support resources and educational tools, here’s how to enroll. Simply click on BENLYSTA Cares on and sign up. Get the support that you need today.

And they can direct you to representatives who may be able to help you get coverage information and access co-pay savings.


BENLYSTA Cares is there for you every step of the way – from providing over-the-phone support and education from trained nurses* to giving you access to BENLYSTA Gateway for help understanding coverage and co-pay options.

Call 1-877-4-BENLYSTA (1-877-423-6597)  
Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM

*Nurses from BENLYSTA Cares do not give medical advice, and will direct you to your healthcare provider for any disease-, treatment-, or referral-related questions.

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Injection Support 


BENLYSTA Cares provides support and guidance for those receiving subcutaneous (SC) injections of BENLYSTA. Our trained nurses are available 24 hours a day to provide instructions and help answer questions about the process.



Learn more about injection training  

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What BENLYSTA Cares Can Do for You 

  • When you’re ready for your first at-home injection, after you’ve been trained by your healthcare provider, call us. One of our trained nurses will walk you through it, step by step.
  • 24-hour over-the-phone nurse support to help answer your questions about BENLYSTA 
  • Tools, information, updates, and tips on living with lupus and making the most of your treatment
  • Carrying case and sharps disposal container (for BENLYSTA SC) 
  • BENLYSTA Gateway can help you understand your coverage information and eligibility for the BENLYSTA Co-pay Program
  • Once a patient is enrolled in BENLYSTA Gateway, a Gateway representative:
    • Will conduct a benefit investigation, calling the patient’s insurance provider on their behalf
    • Will follow up with the patient to help them understand their coverage
    • Can answer questions should their insurance coverage change

Get Started Now

Call 1-877-4-BENLYSTA (1-877-423-6597) Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time, to reach a nurse directly. Or, if you’re calling after hours or on the weekend, leave us a message and we’ll get back to you within 30 minutes.


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Tools & Support 


Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been taking BENLYSTA for a while, BENLYSTA Cares offers resources created with you in mind…. Sign up to start receiving support from BENLYSTA Cares.


Discover our Tools and Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I fill my prescription for BENLYSTA SC?

    Things to know before your prescription is filled:

    1. Your prescription for BENLYSTA SC will be filled by a specialty pharmacy. These pharmacies focus on certain conditions and particular medications.
    2. The specialty pharmacy will work with your doctor through the approval process with your insurance company.


    Working with your specialty pharmacy:

    1. The specialty pharmacy may have questions for you, and they will need to collect co-pay and arrange for delivery.
      1. Make sure to return the call from the specialty pharmacy to avoid delays in receiving your prescription.
      2. Remember that this call may come from an unknown number, and they may leave a voicemail that does not give too many details. This is done to protect your privacy.


    Receiving your prescription:

    1. After you’ve been approved by your insurance company, your specialty pharmacy will send BENLYSTA SC to your preferred address.
      1. The time it takes to receive your first dose can vary, and your experience may be a little different, depending on your insurance plan and specialty pharmacy.


    For further information, contact BENLYSTA Cares at 1-877-4-BENLYSTA (1-877-423-6597) or talk with your healthcare professional.

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  • From which specialty pharmacy can I expect a phone call?

    Your doctor will send your prescription to a specialty pharmacy. Sometimes, your insurance will determine from which specialty pharmacy you receive BENLYSTA. Usually, you will have a lower co-pay if you use the specialty pharmacy that is preferred by your insurance.


    BENLYSTA Gateway can help you determine which specialty pharmacy is preferred by your insurance and send your prescription there on behalf of your doctor.

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  • How is BENLYSTA Gateway different from BENLYSTA Cares?

    BENLYSTA Gateway is part of BENLYSTA Cares, our patient care program. BENLYSTA Gateway is here to help you understand your insurance coverage and may help you enroll in the BENLYSTA Co-pay Program. 

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  • How can I get more information about BENLYSTA?

    In addition to talking with your doctor, you can sign up for BENLYSTA Cares to receive all the information you need – from getting started with BENLYSTA to continuing treatment with BENLYSTA.


    Sign up for tools and resources to get additional information from BENLYSTA Cares

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