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BENLYSTA Co-pay Program 

The BENLYSTA Co-pay Program helps eligible approved patients with their out-of-pocket costs for BENLYSTA up to $15,000 for 12 months.

If approved, you could pay as little as $0 for BENLYSTA.*


Work with your doctor to enroll in BENLYSTA Gateway or visit to get started with an eligibility check.




* Patients in government-funded programs (eg, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, or TRICARE) are not eligible for the BENLYSTA Co-pay Program. Medicare-eligible patients who are enrolled in certain retiree drug benefit plans are also ineligible for the co-pay program. (Most patients become eligible for Medicare when they reach age 65.) Click here for full program Terms & Conditions.


We realize that treatment is not always accessible. BENLYSTA Gateway may be able to help.

Call 1-877-4-BENLYSTA (1-877-423-6597)  
Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM





BENLYSTA Gateway is part of the BENLYSTA Cares program. We are here to:

  • Address your concerns about accessing BENLYSTA

  • Help you understand your insurance coverage for BENLYSTA

  • Determine if you are eligible for the BENLYSTA Co-pay Program


Call BENLYSTA Gateway for more information.

1-877-4-BENLYSTA (1-877-423-6597)

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Find Out Your Insurance Coverage for BENLYSTA


BENLYSTA Gateway is here for you if you need help understanding your insurance. 


To begin, download the BENLYSTA Gateway Enrollment Form. Work with your doctor to fill it out and submit it. After reviewing your information and contacting your insurance company, BENLYSTA Gateway will contact you with information about your coverage for BENLYSTA.


Download the BENLYSTA Gateway Enrollment Form


In a clinical study in Black patients, a reduction in disease activity was seen but was not statistically significant. Consult your healthcare provider to see if BENLYSTA is right for you.

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How will my prescription for BENLYSTA SC be filled? 


Instead of being filled at your local pharmacy, your prescription for BENLYSTA SC will be filled by a specialty pharmacy. These pharmacies focus on certain conditions and particular medications.


Before your prescription can be filled, the specialty pharmacy and your doctor will work through the approval process with your insurance company. After you’ve been approved by your insurance company to receive BENLYSTA SC, a specialty pharmacy will send BENLYSTA SC directly to you.


The specialty pharmacy may have questions for you, and they will need to collect co-pay and arrange for delivery before sending you BENLYSTA.

Please make sure to return the call from the specialty pharmacy. This call may come from a number that you do not recognize, and they may leave a voicemail that does not give too many details. This is done to protect your privacy. Any delay in returning their calls could slow down the time it will take for you to receive BENLYSTA SC.

The time it takes to receive your first dose can vary, and your experience may be a little different, depending on your insurance plan and specialty pharmacy.


For further information, contact BENLYSTA Cares at 1-877-4-BENLYSTA (1-877-423-6597) or talk with your healthcare professional.




Tools & Support 


BENLYSTA Cares provides many tools and resources to help you.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been taking BENLYSTA for a while, BENLYSTA Cares offers resources created with you in mind. Sign up today to learn more.


Discover Our Tools and Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible for the BENLYSTA Co-Pay Program?

    You may be eligible for the program if:

    •  You have a commercial medical or prescription insurance plan, or you are uninsured
    • You are a resident of the US (including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands)


    You are not eligible for the program if:

    • You have a state or federal government-funded medical or prescription insurance plan such as Medicare, Medicaid, VA, or TRICARE. Medicare-eligible patients who are enrolled in certain retiree drug benefit plans are also ineligible for the co-pay program. (Most patients become eligible for Medicare when they reach age 65)
    • You are enrolled in a commercial health plan that does not permit the use of co-pay assistance programs
  • Can I contact my private insurance on my own?

    Yes, you can reach out to your insurance yourself. However, if you’d like a helping hand, BENLYSTA Gateway is here to help you understand your cost and coverage.

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  • What do I do if I don’t hear back about my BENLYSTA Gateway Services form?

    If you don’t hear from your doctor’s office or specialty pharmacy in the 4 weeks after you send in your form, give your doctor’s office a call, or contact BENLYSTA Cares at 1-877-4-BENLYSTA (1-877-423-6597) to check on the progress. Once Gateway has the information they need, they can prepare a summary of benefits within one week.

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  • What can I expect while I wait for my BENLYSTA SC to arrive from the specialty pharmacy?

    While you wait for your BENLYSTA SC, you may also get:

    • A call from the specialty pharmacy to verify your insurance and collect your co-payment. If you have concerns about accessing BENLYSTA SC, we may be able to help. Call BENLYSTA Gateway for more information, or check your eligibility for the Co-pay Program at
    • A call from your doctor’s office to schedule a visit for injection training

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Real BENLYSTA patients will share their experiences living with lupus and tips for starting BENLYSTA treatment. 


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Whether you are just getting started taking BENLYSTA, or have been taking BENLYSTA for a while, BENLYSTA Cares offers support and ongoing resources throughout the course of your treatment.