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Help manage your lupus by learning more about your condition and taking a more active role in your treatment.

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Understanding Lupus


Research shows that those who take a more active role in their healthcare are more likely to be satisfied with their health.


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Other Lupus Resources


Knowledge is power. There are resources that can help you understand lupus so you can become more involved in your treatment.


For additional information, please visit these sites or contact these organizations. These resources are independent from GSK, they are not controlled or endorsed by GSK, and GSK is not responsible for their content.

Lupus Foundation of America (LFA)  Lupus Research Institute (LRI)  National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease (NIAMS)


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Lupus treatment requires a specialist. Find a physician located near you with our Physician Finder Tool.



Working With Your Doctor


It’s important to find a doctor who specializes in your condition, such as a rheumatologist. They must also be able to fully listen to and work with you so you receive the treatment that's right for you.


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Real BENLYSTA patients will share their experiences living with lupus and tips for starting BENLYSTA treatment. 

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What kind of treatment is BENLYSTA?

Find out what makes BENLYSTA a different type of treatment for lupus. Understand how BENLYSTA works and how it can be administered.

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