Coverage Support & Co-pay Savings

Benefits Investigation and Filling Your Prescription

Find out your insurance coverage for BENLYSTA

While many insurance companies offer coverage for BENLYSTA, actual coverage can vary. To understand how your insurance covers BENLYSTA, contact your insurance company.

Or, for help from our partners at BENLYSTA Gateway, download the BENLYSTA Gateway Services Form. Check the box “Benefits Verification” on the front of the form. Then work with your doctor to fill out the rest, sign it on the back, and fax it to us. One of our specialists will review it and contact you with information about your coverage for BENLYSTA.

How your prescription for BENLYSTA is filled

Filling your prescription for BENLYSTA may be a little different from what you are used to. Read below to find out how the process works.

  • Instead of being filled at a local pharmacy, your prescription for BENLYSTA Subcutaneous (SC) Self-Injection may be filled by a specialty pharmacy. Specialty pharmacies are designed to better support patients with certain conditions or medications.
  • For BENLYSTA SC, the specialty pharmacy will need to contact you for shipping information, to collect co-pay or your portion of the cost, etc. Be sure to return any calls from the specialty pharmacy.
  • For the IV Infusion, your doctor will have your prescription sent directly to their office or an office that specializes in administering infusions.
  • But before the prescription can be filled, your doctor works through the approval process with your insurance company. If your plan covers BENLYSTA, prior authorization, also known as pre-certification, may be requested.
  • While this is how the process usually happens, your experience may be a bit different. The actual process, including how long it will take to receive your prescription, varies.

Get started

Work with your doctor to begin the approval process for BENLYSTA. As you work together to complete it, you may have questions.

Co-pay Savings and Financial Support

Lower your out-of-pocket costs

We may be able to offer you support for BENLYSTA, even if you have insurance.

Find the section below that best describes you. Then read how we may be able to help.

Your Insurance

You have a commercial medical or prescription insurance plan

How We Can Help

We may be able to help you pay 100% of your out-of-pocket costs* for your BENLYSTA medicine with the BENLYSTA Co-pay Program.

You have a state- or federal government-funded medical or prescription insurance plan, such as Medicare, Medicaid, VA, or Tricare

You are not eligible for the BENLYSTA Co-pay Program. We can help you research other programs that may offer assistance.

You don’t have insurance

Uninsured patients who meet certain financial criteria may be able to get BENLYSTA for free through our Patient Assistance Program (PAP).* Plus, we can help you research other programs that may offer assistance.

You can access the BENLYSTA Co-pay Program by completing the BENLYSTA Gateway Services Form with your doctor.

Call us at 1-877-4-BENLYSTA (1-877-423-6597) or talk to your doctor to get started.

*Up to a total of $11,000 annually. Subject to eligibility. Terms and conditions apply. Government-funded enrollees not eligible. Does not cover the cost of doctor’s office visits or administration of BENLYSTA.